Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Britax Back Seat Mirror Review

I m writing this review based on my personal experience I have had with Britax Back Seat Mirror. For over 4 years, I was looking for a good mirror to buy that will enable me to check and monitor my baby’s face when she is in rear car seat. I have tried 3 different back seat mirrors but none of them really impressed me till I ordered Britax Back mirror from Amazon. The other 3 mirrors I have tried kept on flopping around anyhow and involve steady adjustment despite how careful I mounted it. My Britax Back Seat Mirror perfectly stays in place and I don’t have to adjust it every now and then.  It’s really great and I have been using it for almost 2 years now without any complain. With a quick glance through the rear mirror, I see my baby behind me when I m driving and she is facing the Backseat.

Features of Britax Back Seat Mirror

=>>   Large Field of Vision: It comes with a very large convex mirror with pivot attachment. This provides a larger view of the baby at all angle even if the mirror shifts a little.

=>>   Nice Look and Design is perfect:  It comes with a soft feel fame design and the look is awesome.
=>>  Adjustable Straps: The Mirror can easily be adjusted with its straps for a fix and secure installation.

What I Love about Britax Back Seat Mirror
=>>   It entertains baby: My baby loves looking at herself in the mirror while she is riding in her car seat.
=>>   The mirror easily straps onto the headrest of the seat and its large enough to give you a good view of what is going on.
=>>   It really does everything I needed it to do.  Allows me to see my baby in her car seat.
=>>   The mirror works great in any car:  So far a car has headrest, this mirror can be perfectly install in the car.

What I Hate About Britax Back Seat Mirror

-    Image distorted: The mirror image reflected is not sharp. Its distorted. Maybe it’s the funny mirror effect although it’s not that severe. Its not worth returning if I may say.
-    If your car doesn’t have a headrest, this mirror cannot be easily installed.

Do You Really Need Britax Back Seat Mirror
Yes, of course you do. It does not Mather whether you already have a baby now or not, you really need it in your car. You never can tell when next a baby will sit behind you in your car. Better be prepared and avoid be taken unaware.

Do I Recommend this Britax Back Seat Mirror

If you a car owner, I recommend you buy this mirror for your car. It’s great to keep track of the baby while driving.  Nothing is better than this. It easily moves in any direction you want it to and it stays there. Highly recommended for headrest that don’t lift up or move.

Why is Britax Back Seat Mirror Awesome
I admit it, I love Britax Back Seat Mirror. The fact that it could be securely fastened to the seats headrest by two clasp joints not flimsy Velcro, is simply awesome. I am much more relaxed whenever I m driving because I can see my baby’s face. She is also a better passenger because she too can see her mummy’s face. I only set it once and there it stays.

Order your Britax Back Seat Mirror Here

Have you tried out the Britax Back Seat Mirror? What is your experience? Share with us in the comments please.


Andrew J. Galloway said...

Awesome! This is what I've been looking for. A pretty wide backseat mirror for my baby.

Sarah Dixon said...

The device is really useful and a lot of people have are able to drive safer now. You will be able to see the kid all the time.


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